Redcord Tandem


  • Provides an excellent workout for anyone, regardless of age, skill or athletic ambition.
  • Offers a variety of corrective and functional exercises for your clients.
  • Capability of increasing the number of points of suspension with new accessories and ropes, adding even more variety and challenges.
  • Option of Including Axis Redcord® for work mobility and rotational stability.
  • Ability to rearrange how bungee cords are anchored in order to improve dynamic joint stability, focusing on a much more complete and demanding exercise.
  • Kinetic Chain Redcord® work Tests.
  • Opportunity to perform exercises in multi-suspension.

Advanced training for professionals.

Designed to tolerate a higher workload and the frequency of use expected in a fitness center or sports facility, the Tandem Station is a durable and versatile product. With Tandem Station (two trainers), you can perform the full repertoire of multisuspension exercises.

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