Neurac--short for Neuromuscular Activation--consists of therapeutic exercise in Redcord slings. The goal of the Neurac method is to painlessly restore movement patterns and to improve function. Neurac treatment restores muscle coordination and focuses on treating the actual causes of a patient’s problem, not just the symptoms.

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Neurac restores muscle coordination

sistema, neurac, redcord, dolor, sintomas

Neurac focuses on what causes the problem, not just the symptoms.

How to eliminate pain?

  • It is scientifically proven that pain or inactivity can distort signals the brain sends to our muscles. neurac, eliminar, dolor, distorsionar, señales
  • This disruption leads to muscular incoordination, causing certain muscles to overload and create pain. neurac, eliminar, dolor, descoordinacion, muscular
  • The method includes assessment procedures, called Neurac Testing that allow us to identify dysfunctions and muscle imbalances. neurac, eliminar, dolor, test
  • Neurac tests systematically examine the body by identifying weaknesses in the different muscle chains. neurac, eliminar, dolor, cadenas, musculares
  • The Neurac Treatment focuses on correcting weak links and reducing and eliminating the overloading of muscles that cause pain and dysfunction. neurac, eliminar, dolor, eslabones, debiles
  • Treatment usually results in immediate pain reduction and/or improved body function neurac, eliminar, dolor, funcion, corporal

What happens in Neurac Treatment

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Initial exam reviews past medical history, tests functional capacity, and identifies muscle imbalances and weak links.

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Therapeutic exercises are tailored to the individual based on the findings in the evaluation to correct the weak links. Clinical experience indicates that reducing pain and improving function can be achieved within the first session.

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Creating a personalized exercise program with corrective exercises to maintain the effects of treatment.

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Frequent reassessments for injury prevention and to minimize relapse to ensure the individual maintains a good quality of life.

Monitoring Program

Monitoring program with supervised exercise to promote optimum results and long-term effects.

A program of individual, at-home exercises will help maintain results

Even after pain has subsided, the program should be continued to avoid recurrence of an injury. Your therapist can guide and adjust your exercise program as you progress.

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