Redcord Stimula


The vibration system acts specifically on muscle spindles, which are the most important kinesthetic mechanoreceptors. The optimum frequency is between 80 - 100Hz

Muscular Activation
The vibration acts on the excitability and synchronization of motor units. The optimum frequency is between 30 - 50Hz.

Co-Contraction Antagonists
Through spinal reflexes, vibration increases the antagonists coactivation.

Pain Relief
The vibration element is used as an anesthetic. The effects are related to central-level and "gate control" mechanisms. Optimal frequency is between 50 - 150 Hz.

Redcord Stimula can generate controlled vibrations (frequency, level of applied energy, vibration pattern and duration) locally in a closed kinetic chain. This is done on specific positions in the Redcord equipment. This device is the result of several years of development, with periodic clinical evaluations.