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  • By Redcord

Get to know how your body works

“Redcord sling exercise is an effective way of training your whole body, and it is especially good for your core muscles. I recommend sling exercise to all my customers and I will recommend other PTs to learn more about the method.”

Sling exercise – the tool you need to be stronger, train more functionally and keep injury-free.

Redcord is an effective exercise tool for instructors , PTs and other trainers. The Redcord Active courses give you a thorough introduction to sling exercise and knowledge of how the body works and how you can easily exercise to get your body to work even better!

“My knowledge of how the body works and of individualizing exercise for my PT customers, has become so much better since I attended the Redcord Active courses. I now have the tool to help my customers to keep free of injuries, become stronger and more functional.”

Anne Marte Sneve, Personal Trainer
Trainingexpert TV2.no/sporty

Click here to watch the video ‘Sling exercise for a stronger body’ with Anne Marte (in Norwegian)